Bee Gees – Night Fever

First Hit #1: March 18, 1978

The worst thing about Night Fever is that it’s not Stayin’ Alive. Which is one of those incredibly unfair statements. You wouldn’t want it to be Stayin’ Alive, would you? Stayin’ Alive exists, it’s a pretty great song, and if a band just releases the same song over and over again either they alienate the listening audience or become Nickleback. Still, Night Fever recalls that earlier – but still very recent – hit but it’s ever so slightly not as good. While on it’s own it would be a pretty decent disco track, it’s kind of coming right after a signature single and it’s just simply not as good as that signature track, but it’s going to be compared to it – especially by hacks like myself – because you’ve still got Stayin’ Alive swimming in your head all those days later. It’s a song that’s good in any other context, and I feel like a moron saying most of this, but throughout I found myself wondering why I wasn’t listening to Stayin’ Alive, and hunting through my playlist to remember where I put it, just because this reminded me of the Bee Gees’ earlier triumph.

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