Yvonne Elliman – If I Can’t Have You

First Hit #1: May 13, 1978

The final song in the late winter/early spring of the Gibb family, here’s Yvonne Elliman with If I Can’t Have You. “But Elliman isn’t a Gibb!” you may be protesting, and indeed she is not. She is, however, singing a song written by some Gibbs, and first performed by some Gibbs, so it’s still a Gibbstacular early ’78. It also poses a question, why didn’t the Gibb brothers write more songs for women? I imagine being successful artists in their own right would make them more inclined to horde all of their good stuff, but the group often sang in falsetto and a female voice singing a Bee Gees song just sounds right. Elliman brings something different to the table from the regular Gibb interpretations, and that works to create a bit of a twist on the Bee Gees formula. It’s not particularly far off from the original in most ways, but Elliman brings her own stamp to it, and it makes it something a bit different but still on the level of those other Bee Gees songs.

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