Wings – With a Little Luck

First Hit #1: May 20, 1978

Before we get started, that synthesizer. I actually winced a bit when it came on, an instrument choice that hasn’t exactly aged very well.

But this is Paul McCartney, he’s earned a bit of trust, hasn’t he? Let’s ignore that we’re several decades later and thus know that Pipes of Peace exists, McCartney is still a pretty trustworthy pop songwriter. And if anyone’s going to replace the Gibbs at the top of the charts, it makes sense that it’s one of the elder statesmen of pop music. If you ignore the synthesizer – which I personally must, maybe you are less synth averse – you get a charming little pop song about becoming a parent, and all the stress and optimism bundled together that this major life change brings with it. It’s a great little pop song, a bit of a departure from what’s on the charts so far – outside of no Gibb involvement it’s also not a dance song, instead going into some mellow soft rock – and something that a lot of people can identify with. Plus, McCartney can write a good pop melody in his sleep – and, from some interviews, has done so, which makes this not hyperbole – so it’s no surprise that he’s put together a sincere and charming little song.

I do kind of wish he would re-record it without that bloody synthesizer though.

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