Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing

First Hit #1: June 17, 1978

It’s been an entire month without a Gibb on the chart, and this is 1978, so it’s high time for another Gibb track to ascend to the top of the charts. So, we have Shadow Dancing, which was written by all the Gibbs and became one of the most popular songs of the year. I have to admit I wasn’t actually sold on it at first, it’s an alright bit of slow disco, but it’s just that, alright. I wasn’t sure what set it apart of why this was one of the most popular songs of the year. I figured it was probably partially my fault, getting in a Gibb burnout wanting a new song. But then you hit the chorus, and Gibb pulls off a feat, making it feels like he’s singing directly to one person. It’s a rare talent, but it brings the entire song together and makes you understand why this got so popular. It’s entirely built on Andy as a performer, while his brothers join in they’re a minor part of why it works. It’s the way he sings the line “In this world of people, there’s only you and I,” he brings everything together and makes it a personal statement rather than merely a pop song. He was a performer who could connect, that and his very ’70s exposed chest hair – the cover for the Shadow Dancing album is wonderfully dated – brought his music into the bedrooms of all the girls.

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