Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven

First Hit #1: January 6, 1979

There have been a lot of charity singles over the years, but Too Much Heaven is an interesting case. It isn’t a song that needs to be a charity single in order to succeed. It’s by the biggest hitmakers of the previous year, it’s a bit of soft rock that is popular for people who might want a quiet song between the disco, and it’s a song that stands on its own. The themes are certainly appropriate for a charity single, this one seeing its profits go to UNICEF, since it’s a sentimental love song with a chorus that can be read in many different ways. It’s actually a pretty selfless work of philanthropy by the Bee Gees, since they know they’re constant hitmakers and they know it’s going to move units – it’s a new Bee Gees single. It’s not like they went cheap on the production either, putting together an absurdly complex vocal track with all sorts of multi-tracking and layering.

Unlike a lot of big charity singles – I’m thinking specifically of Band Aid right now – there’s a reason to buy it outside of it being simply a good cause. It’s a nice sentimental song, and it’s a classy way to kick off 1979.

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One Response to Bee Gees – Too Much Heaven

  1. RBerman says:

    The basic message is, “Don’t take our love for granted.” The verses make it clear that he is in a relationship, though “I’m waiting in line” in the chorus would make you think he’s not. I like the layered, echoing instrumentation near the end of the intro. Tight harmonies come best from brothers like the Gibbs, though I’d prefer this song was pitched about a fifth lower to get them out of Frankie Valli territory. Frequent major 7th chords are very typical of the era.

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