Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

First Hit #1: February 10, 1979

I mentioned how the Bee Gees were classy and donated the royalties from Too Much Heaven to UNICEF. This wasn’t a unique thing in 1979, since it was the international year of the child. In fact, Rod Stewart did the exact same thing with Do Ya Think I’m Sexy. In the Bee Gees case, you have a slightly sentimental love song, something that is appropriate for the context.

Rod Stewart, by contrast, made a song about a one night stand.

I love that, I love that Do ya Think I’m Sexy is a sort of grungy disco hookup track, I like that there’s no ambiguity about what’s happening, and I like that all the royalties went to children. It wasn’t made as a charity single at all, it was made because Rod Stewart wanted a fun bit of disco about some horny people, and then he decided to give to charity because that’s just generally a cool thing to do. It’s a great song in general, but I think the profits going to kids back in ’79 really makes it perfect in an odd way.

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One Response to Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

  1. Robert Berman says:

    This track also highlights Rod’s versatility. He’d already conquered folk rock (“Maggie May”), soft rock (“The First Cut is the Deepest”; “You’re In My Heart”), and Stonesy blues-rock (“Every Picture Tells a Story”; “Hot Legs”). “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” comprised part of a brief toe-dip in the pool of disco before heading on to New Wave (“Young Turks”), soul (“Have I Told You Lately”), and most recently crooning. Of the few stars with his longevity, how many have been successful at so many styles?

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