Bee Gees – Tragedy

First Hit #1: March 24, 1979

While I am familiar with the Bee Gees’ catalog, I frequently forget what songs are titled. So I was somewhat surprised that Tragedy didn’t find the group in their soft rock mode, instead doing an upbeat and poppy sounding song that can really get you moving.

I emphasize sounding, because the lyrics are dark as you can get, it sounds like the writer is almost suicidal in his loneliness. It has the Help effect, something that is plumbing the depths of despair rendered as happily as possible. Except, in this case, it’s even more extreme than the earlier song, because Tragedy just pumps up the good times to a degree that it seems almost unbelievable that the lyrics are so dark. But there they are, and we find the Bee Gees representing the ying and yang of popular music.

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One Response to Bee Gees – Tragedy

  1. RBerman says:

    Quite a muscular song for the title and topic. I wonder why Barry Gibb did so much falsetto during his disco days. Their earlier songs (Jive Talkin’, I Started a Joke, To Love Somebody) were sung in a normal range. Then in the late 70s they went all helium-voiced. Was it so that the same instrumental track could be picked up by a female singer?

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