Peaches and Herb – Reunited

First Hit #1: May 5, 1979

So there has been more than one song in ’79 that hides misery beneath a blanket of shiny dance music. Reunited is a largely happy song, and hides nothing. Well, one can argue about how happy it is, it’s the rekindling of a relationship that had some pretty clear and fairly massive flaws – when they talk about their mistakes in the verses, they’re pretty massive mistakes – but they’re singing about realizing their mistakes and realizing that they shouldn’t have ruined it all, so maybe there’s hope for these kids yet. Still, the song is notable mostly because it hides nothing. The lyrics are front and center, in the middle of a soft rock sound that is very 1979 but largely stays out of its way. It’s actually relatively naked, and it’s kind of refreshing to hear a song that is honest about its message and what it wants to be. Sure, I liked those tracks that hid sadness underneath heavy disco, but I can like more than one thing.

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One Response to Peaches and Herb – Reunited

  1. RBerman says:

    Herbert “Fame” Feemster partnered with several different women under the moniker of “Peaches and Herb.” His first partner really was nicknamed “Peaches,” which the subsequent ladies adopted. This time around, Feemster partners with gospel singer Linda Greene. The lyric contains a little inside joke referencing the group’s 1968 single “United,” which had featured the original Peaches, Francine Barker.

    The lyric implies that although the man left the woman, it didn’t take long before he came to his senses, perhaps as little as a single night. The music is mellow soul balladry.

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