Donna Summer – Bad Girls

First Hit #1: July 14, 1979

I am going to declare 1979 the year of the stealth sad song. Donna Summer gets in the game with a song about prostitutes, Bad Girls, which is about how sad it is to see the women reduced to selling themselves on the street when they used to have dreams and aspirations. As is the style of the time, it is an incredibly upbeat and funky sounding little number, and the sounds of men trying to get a hooker’s attention are even rendered through catchy little “Beep beeps”. It’s a song that can get the entire body moving quite easy – even mine, and consider I am genetically predisposed to not dance that’s saying a lot – but then you catch a lyric and suddenly think “Oh, oh that’s terrible, why doesn’t anyone think of these bad girls, these sad girls?”

1979, proving you can make a popular dance number about literally anything.

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One Response to Donna Summer – Bad Girls

  1. RBerman says:

    Musically, a typical disco funk hit. The lyrical kick is when the singer tells the prostitute, “You and me, we are both the same.” They both came to Hollywood for stardom but ended up on very different rungs of the “pleasure for money” ladder.

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