Robert John – Sad Eyes

First Hit #1: October 6, 1979

Sad Eyes doesn’t sound like it’s from the same universe as My Sharona, but it’s the next song on the list. It’s more typically ’70s, in this case in the soft-rock mold, which that quivering keyboard that never really caught on in any other decade – but that I am beginning to enjoy. It’s probably most interesting for its love of wailing, which isn’t an insult really, just an observation of where the song goes. There’s a song about a breakup, and then there’s a guitar solo that tries to approximate a scream of agony. Then, you get a voice shouting the words in a cry to the heavens in the background, while John tries to keep the foreground on the straight and narrow. I’m not sure how distinct it is – I’m sure I’ve heard the effect innumerable times before, but it does give the song a certain flavor that makes it more appealing overall.

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One Response to Robert John – Sad Eyes

  1. RBerman says:

    The stylistic variety of the #1 slot is becoming more entertaining after the slew of disco, with soft rock, funk, and loungey instrumentals all getting their day in close temporal proximity. It’s not quite time for the anti-disco backlash, but almost. I think of the disco-obsessed DJ in the final episode of “Freaks and Geeks,” crowing over the fact that even the Rolling Stones were doing disco, while oblivious to the impending sunset of that style once MTV barraged America with a new set of British alternatives.

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