M – Pop Muzik

First Hit #1: November 3, 1979

We are witnessing the beginning of the ’80s. Yes, it’s 1979, but it’s really late in the decade, and we don’t tend to follow specific dates too closely. New Wave is quickly getting increasingly important, and the awkward yet charming sound of Pop Muzik shows off another corner of the genre, which to me, seeks to combine all the joy of synthesizers with a more simplified, rock-oriented sound. Perhaps you disagree, but I’d classify Pop Muzik as New Wave, and it’s actively trying to combine different scenes swirling around at the time into something a bit new and a bit deliberately awkward – something that becomes very obvious in the video, which is staged in a strange and vaguely artificial looking manner, to emphasize how constructed everything is. Makes sense, the ’80s are going to get strange and technology driven, and Pop Muzik isn’t too far off from that. It’s a harbinger of things to come, and it’s trying to be a commentary on itself and pop music as an entire concept. It even gets popular doing so.

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2 Responses to M – Pop Muzik

  1. RBerman says:

    Definitely New Wave, although probably played extensively in discos alongside the Bee Gees. Spoken (rapped?) verses are very Talking Heads. The extensive array of synth sounds don’t have the same effect on us today, but at the time, every one of these waveforms was new and remarkable in its own right, let alone when stacked together. Is the guitar the only non-synthesized sound here besides the vocals?

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