Captain and Tennille – Do that to me one more time

First Hit #1: February 16, 1980

Captain and Tennille are back! It’s not that exciting, but it is interesting that the duo keeps popping up when the charts are in a state of flux, bringing forth some entirely pleasant soft rock for everyone to enjoy. It’s a nice song, with the as dirty as you want it to be lyrics and Tennille putting in a pretty good performance recording it. I don’t like the odd little flute that shows up – it sounds kind of out of place in a song that is otherwise 4 and a half minutes of ingratiating subtlety – but otherwise this is just a nice, light love song.

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One Response to Captain and Tennille – Do that to me one more time

  1. RBerman says:

    Another clean-cut paean to marital intimacy, vaguely worded enough that the kids won’t wonder what “that” is, while mom and dad sing along in the station wagon. They had explored the same theme less effectively the previous year on “You Never Done It Like That.” The music is typical late 70s lite R&B; you can imagine Roberta Flack or Donna Summer singing it. I think the “flute” is actually a keyboard, showing off the pitch pending capabilities of the new wave of synthesizers.

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