Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

First Hit #1: February 23, 1980

Now, out of the blue, we’ve got a bit of rockabilly as Queen decides to briefly go Elvis. Queen was a fairly difficult band to peg down to begin with, since they would go all over the place in a bid to be as entertaining as possible, and this is a pretty big departure for them just because it’s so simple. It was apparently written in 10 minutes, and it has a breezy simplicity to it that Queen is not exactly known for. Still, the band has always had that through line in Freddie Mercury, who unites the music just by being a dedicated and committed entertainer, and even in doing something of an Elvis impersonation he still brings that through line to the music. He was one of the great performers of all time just because he had an all encompassing commitment to the song, something that comes through no matter what Queen was doing at the time. Mercury just never half-assed his performances, whether going to a big soaring vocal or doing something relatively simple like this. It’s a compulsion to entertain as much as possible, and that’s what makes this song, and Queen, so great.

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One Response to Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  1. RBerman says:

    The “homage to twenty years ago” rule of Top Forty music rears its head here once again with this tribute to late 50s rockabilly from Buddy Holly and the like. The lyrical tropes (motorbikes, departed babies, etc.) fit the era as well.

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