Blondie – Call Me

First Hit #1: April 19, 1980

Blondie might have first hit the charts with straight up disco, but the band is new wave with an appreciation for disco, and Call Me is a much better representation of what they do best. It’s a driving song, something that is just battering and relentless in the arrangement, and which only gains a bit of levity through Harry’s slightly aloof vocal performance. I don’t mean that in a bad way, she soars above the song and provides a counterpoint to what the band itself is doing. As a result, it sits on the intersection between sex and danger, a song that balances Harry’s come ons in the lyrics with an arrangement that feel plain ominous and foreboding.

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One Response to Blondie – Call Me

  1. RBerman says:

    This is like a Lady Gaga song, aggressively and lovelessly sexual, as befits its origin as the theme song of the Richard Gere film “American Gigolo.” The guitar attack communicates passion without joy. The verses are almost completely syncopated, so that the melody, while straight quarter notes, falls on the off beats.

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