Paul McCartney – Coming Up

First Hit #1: June 28, 1980

Paul McCartney recorded Coming Up mostly alone, though Linda McCartney does some vocal harmonies. Otherwise, it’s just one of the great pop musicians screwing around and having fun with a synthesizer and seeing what he can do. There’s a definite sense of experimentation in the song, as well as some effects that seem like McCartney is just thrilled at the neat stuff he can do – the sped up vocals are so goofy sounding that you know he had to have done it as a laugh.

But that’s a good thing, because the song is incredibly fun as a result. Yeah, the sped up vocals are goofy, but they work, and the same can be said of the whole track. McCartney is having fun here, goofing around with his new toy. But remember who this is, the guy can goof around and make a really joyous, simple pop song where that sense of experimentation and fun pervades the whole track. It’s a reminder that music is fun, and a talented person with a new toy can do some great stuff with it. It’s a song that makes me smile, the creator’s joy at the process of creating comes through completely.

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One Response to Paul McCartney – Coming Up

  1. RBerman says:

    Quite the hippy song, for 1980. He want to help her(?) find a forever love, a reliable friend, world peace, and a better future for everyone. Lofty goals; he must be a remarkable guy. Well, he is Paul McCartney! The lack of musical movement in the verses (ostinato instrumental figures, without any chord changes) put this song firmly in the funk category. Clearly just a fun goof for McCartney, so he was probably pleasantly surprised to still be getting #1 hits in the 80s.

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