Eddie Rabbitt – I Love a Rainy Night

First Hit #1: February 28, 1981

I Love a Rainy Night is simple, and because it is so simple it’s difficult to really difficult to talk about. The lyrics are just about enjoying a thunderstorm, not much to really analyze, it’s a simple sentiment that pops up in a lot of pop songs – one might question why pop stars love rain so much, but I’ll assume it’s a combination of smells, sounds and feelings that inspire that odd obsession. It’s not complicated in arrangement either, just handclaps and guitar, which help it bounce along at an enjoyable clip. It’s also the kind of song that it’s really easy for even the most uncoordinated old man to dance to, making it ideal to play at weddings. But there’s not much more there, the song is self explanatory, a simple and catchy number that is easy to enjoy.

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One Response to Eddie Rabbitt – I Love a Rainy Night

  1. Robert Berman says:

    It’s historically noteworthy as part of the country-pop “Urban Cowboy” wave that also included Dolly Parton’s hit yesterday and Kenny Rogers’ “Lady” a few days ago. It’s musically noteworthy for featuring a seventh chord so strongly, with the vocal providing the seventh in the chord. Not many pop songs use sevenths. The slapback on the vocal is a throwback to late 50s/early 60s rock’n’roll. And not only handclaps, but fingersnaps! Many elements of yesteryear, but then a fairly modern guitar solo, played high on the neck like a rock solo rather than low like a country solo.

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