Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra

First Hit #1: September 4, 1982

Want a capsule of the pop trends of 1982? Abracadabra is pretty much ideal. Lots of synths and even the odd filter on the vocals? We have that. Simple guitar line? We have that too. Early music video with really cheap early computer effects? You better believe it. Handclaps? I knew something was missing.

Abracadabra is simply very much on trend, but it’s hardly the best song of the year. That comes down to Steve Miller, whose vocals have never been the most enthusiastic in the world. He can kind of muster a bit more energy than usual here, particular during the higher and higher part, but it’s one of those songs which confuses effortless with just kind of lazy. It’s a song where you the ambition seems to disappear whenever anyone sings, as Miller goes flat and his backup vocalists are almost robotic. This might be on trend, but for a song about how smitten a guy is with a woman, he seems really blase about it.

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One Response to Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra

  1. Robert Berman says:

    Nonchalance is his thing. It comes with being the “pompatus of love.” Sorta ironic that his only #1 hit post-dates his Greatest Hits collection. It’s a decent song, though the word “abracadabra” has nothing to do with the song, not even a real rhyme.

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