Deniece Williams – Let’s Hear it For the Boy

First Hit #1: May 26, 1984

If Flashdance was 1983, Footloose is 1984, since we’ve hit the second big hit from that soundtrack. I’m constantly surprised just how goofy and silly that soundtrack is. Kenny Loggins’ title track was wonderfully silly, and Deniece Williams’ cheery little hit can’t be taken very seriously either. I’m not quite sure what the influences are here, though I hear a bit of girl group combined with ’80s arrangement, but it’s something that sounds instantly familiar while also being kind of unexpected as a whole. I suppose it’s just juvenile, in the best possible way, it’s got a sing-along quality that feels young – and I mean pre-teen young, even if it’s a love song. But pop music is for the young, and it’s supposed to be fun, so if anything Williams has stumbled upon the essence of the genre.

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One Response to Deniece Williams – Let’s Hear it For the Boy

  1. Robert Berman says:

    A song of innocent love indeed, suitable for Mary Wells or the Supremes in its laundry list of minor deficiencies (looks, money, panache, articulate speech, etc.) overcome by faithful love. Dean Pitchord co-wrote this song and wrote the screenplay for the movie as well, making the lack of connection between the two puzzling. Deniece Williams gets in some Mariah-esque whistle tones during the fading vamp.

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