Wham feat. George Michael – Careless Whisper

First Hit #1: February 16, 1985

The year of 1985 has been all about screwed up romantic relationships so far, the next entry being George Michael lamenting screwing up a relationship. It’s his first solo single, though it was credited to Wham on the charts just because marketing people figured it would be easier to sell. Still, it’s a song that kind of bodes poorly for the band, even if they would still put out one more album.

The thing is, the song can be read very clearly as a farewell to his bandmate, combined with the solo credit of the song it can certainly spell a grim future for Andrew Ridgeley fans. It sounds a bit romantic, but it mostly references the other party in the relationship being a ‘friend’ instead of a lover. And the song is centered around dancing above all, especially dancing somewhere with a crowd. Considering that Wham’s previous big hit was all about dancing, and it is a direction that Michael would rarely head into when on his own, it’s easily accurate to say that he would never dance like that again. It could be a lover, but it could be a musical partner, and either read actually makes a great deal of sense for the song. It’s a different perspective on the song at least, whatever and whoever it’s actually about, or if Michael just wanted to write a sad song to pass the time (which he claims).

Also of note, decade appropriate sax solo. I’m starting to wish sax solos were more common in modern music.

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One Response to Wham feat. George Michael – Careless Whisper

  1. RBerman says:

    It is a great sax riff, up there with the one from “Baker Street.” I suspect the use of “friend” for the lover is just to keep it gender-neutral since George Michael had not revealed his orientation at this point. The vocal vamping at the end is unusual for an 80s single, more like a 40s jazz number.

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