Madonna – Crazy For You

First Hit #1: May 11, 1985

For all of Madonna’s efforts to be as sexy as possible, on her earlier songs she’s not actually very sensual. I like Crazy For You, it’s got a great chorus and it’s actually not a bad ballad. But, for a song that is definitely about having sex, I don’t think there’s much actual sex in Madonna’s vocal here. I don’t know exactly what it is, it might be her relatively young sounding voice, it might just be the way she sings it – it is oddly mechanical in places, as though she’s just going through the motions because it’s a soundtrack single and who cares. This probably helped sales, since whatever the lyrics might be, it doesn’t quite sound like something parents of young daughters might object to. It keeps things chaste, no matter what she might be singing about.

She does get better at this later in her career, but she does make Crazy For You a distinctly not-sexy song about sex.

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One Response to Madonna – Crazy For You

  1. RBerman says:

    I like these songs in the low end of her range; see also “Rain,” “Live to Tell,” and “Frozen.” She’s not sexy, but she’s not whiny either. As before, the singing is a side note. She’s first and foremost a dancer rather than a vocalist, but this song has a pretty oboe sound (real? synth? can’t tell.) and a nice melody. Thumbs up.

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