Wham! – Everything She Wants

First Hit #1: May 25, 1985

Here’s where I come in.

The most popular song in America on the day I was born was Everything She Wants, by Wham. A song I don’t actually like very much, as it turns out. Well we can’t choose what’s popular when we’re born, babies don’t have purchasing power.

The song, mostly about George Michael complaining about his lover being greedy, could probably be read as more complaints about Wham if you really wanted to, but I think that might be reading too much into it in this case. It’s just a general complaint, seemingly put together in an effort to understand the relationships between other people. It doesn’t quite ring true somehow, it sounds a just a little generic, about something that Michael had heard about rather than experienced.

The other problem is that it’s kind of an annoying song anyway, with a bloopy (scientific term) synth blaring in the background and everything else being a mix of seemingly unrelated sounds competing for attention. Some songs just sound like they exist to fill the bank account of the band playing them, and I have to say that Everything She Wants is among them.

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2 Responses to Wham! – Everything She Wants

  1. RBerman says:

    It’s not a great song by #1 standards or by Wham! standards, but it’s alright as another entry in the “greedy women” song category alongside Hall and Oates’ “Maneater.” You’re probably right that there’s a subtext here about someone in the Wham! financial circle, whether Andrew Ridgely, or a manager, or a record label, or something.

    Mainly I like the fact that the title of the song, while distinctive enough, comes not from the chorus, but from the second line of the song. I wish more songs employed this tactic. It’s also an unusual song in that the chorus is mostly wordless ohhhing. It’s a missed opportunity to actually say something more about the woman, but at the time no one minded.

  2. Stadiumrock says:

    Are you two deaf? This is one of the best pop records ever! Shame on you

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