Bryan Adams – Heaven

First Hit #1: June 22, 1985

I don’t think it’s possible to be Canadian and still like Bryan Adams. He was popular worldwide, which meant that radio stations could play his songs and it wouldn’t be dorky CanCon nobody else cared about. So, they played his music a lot, and my fingers involuntary move to the stereo power button whenever I hear his scratchy, strained voice going on about screwing. To me, he represents the worst of middle of the road radio, and I know that is partially due to having his music slammed into my ears daily growing up.

Heaven itself is neither terrible or revelatory, just another scratchy ballad about screwing. Adams liked to toy with levels of obviousness when he did this, and Heaven isn’t really terribly obscured. Two people are in bed together and it’s great. It might be post coital, since it’s somewhat relaxed, but it knows what it is and has no intention of hiding it. Much as I might dislike Adams and his music, he always knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish.

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2 Responses to Bryan Adams – Heaven

  1. RBerman says:

    Adams’ guitar pop seems an attempt to be Springsteen, so it makes sense that Adams would hit it big in the wake of Springsteen’s banner year of 1984, even though Bruce’s failure to have a #1 single in 1984 was redeemed by the 24 consecutive weeks the album spent at #1, and the seven Top Ten singles it birthed. Adams never had that kind of juggernaut success, but he did have some decent tunes, among which this one and “Summer of ’69” are his best. It’s a typical “quiet verse, loud chorus” rock ballad, with a jumbled lyric (It’s hard to believe he’s in heaven; it isn’t hard to see he’s in heaven), but a nice chorus melody. Compared to the cliched chord progressions of most modern pop songs, this one is Mozart.

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