Stevie Wonder – Part Time Lover

First Hit #1: November 2, 1985

Is this Maneater? Has the world somehow missed that Part Time Lover is just Maneater with new lyrics? Maybe I’m being tricked by the bassline – which is definitely Maneater – but musically the songs are the same thing. Lyrically, maybe less so, Wonder’s song being about two people who are having an affair – perhaps the male side of Saving All My Love For You – with a bit of an ironic twist at the end. In this case, it makes having an affair just sound fun for everyone involved – probably due to the scat singing really selling the more joyous parts of the song – and the realization of the potential emotional pain doesn’t quite land as well as it probably seemed to on paper. In this case, the song probably should have pushed the last verse further back and then went a bit downbeat if it wanted to finish the story, but it doesn’t seem like Wonder and company actually care so much, they just want to have fun with the track and end on a bit more of a goofball note, which is fine.

Seriously though, I’ve seen successful lawsuits brought against songs that sound less alike than this and Maneater, I was completely confused when I pressed play, convinced I started the wrong track.

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1 Response to Stevie Wonder – Part Time Lover

  1. RBerman says:

    Surely one of the more flippant adultery songs out there, and surprisingly the one chosen to kick off Wonder’s two disc “Song Review” retrospective collection. It’s a catchy song, but as the Hall and Oates connection shows, Wonder has become a follower rather than a trendmaker.

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