Mr. Mister – Kyrie

First Hit #1: March 1, 1986

Kyrie is an odd song, combining some weird, new age vague spirituality with some noodly synths and a big ridiculous chorus. It’s a combination of Mr. Mister doing what they do best – ’80s appropriate arena rock – and an attempt to make a song with meaning, which people who imbibe excesses of certain substances might consider deep.

I don’t think Kyrie is deep, necessarily, but it is ambitious, and it’s difficult to fault ambition. You can almost tell that Mr. Mister wants to be known for something, anything more than just being a competent rock band with good timing, they want to make a song with substance and meaning, something that they’ve never done before. Do they succeed? Well, no, their trademarks prove to be their downfall, and the song simply sounds like a big dumb Mr. Mister song for all their efforts. But they’re trying as hard as they can, and it would be cruel to fault them for that.

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One Response to Mr. Mister – Kyrie

  1. RBerman says:

    It’s a much more straightforward arena rock hit, in the vein of Survivor or Toto, than “Broken Wings” was. The bridge epitomizes sloppiness, with the thoughtful lyric, “Woah” repeated four times in eight bars. But really the song is all about that glorious chorus, repeated several times at the end, a benediction for uncertain times.

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