Starship – Sara

First Hit #1: March 15, 1986

It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it. Starship, for example, made a song which is completely nonsensical. We have odd metaphors, nonsense platitudes, and the repeated shouting of Sara to tie them all together. Listen closely it’s nonsense, even by the standards of a genre that frequently features nonsense. But Starship made a hit out of it, because they were tied into what people wanted from bands with highly questionable fashion sense: Big choruses, an unconventional drum sound, and the worst shirt in the world in their video. Starship delivered, bringing passion to lyrics like “storms are brewing in your eyes,” which is plainly nonsense. It’s great fun if you’re really drunk and know a girl named Sara, because you can sing like an idiot and somehow the song just can’t get more ludicrous.

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One Response to Starship – Sara

  1. RBerman says:

    I actually like the chorus; I was trained that good writing shows rather than telling, and “Storms are brewing in your eyes” is a much better line than, “I can tell you’re mad at me.” The music is unexceptional by #1 standards, though; one must assume that contrails from “We Built This City” were still pulling along other offerings by Starship like this one. The chromatic harmonica is an unusual sound texture, or would be if Stevie Wonder hadn’t played one on “That’s What Friends Are For” so recently.

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