Heart – These Dreams

First Hit #1: March 22, 1986

Why didn’t more female bands get hits with power ballads? Of course, some did, like Heart, and when you listen to a song like These Dreams you just think that women are better at this kind of thing. The slightly higher voice and unique tone of a female voice is just really well suited to trying to get power out of songs with high notes, and Nancy Wilson, for example, just seems better suited to sing in this kind of style than most of the men trying to do it. Plus women don’t look as ridiculous with giant hair. I mean, they look ridiculous, but less so.

These dreams is a pretty typical power ballad, and far from the most enjoyable track Heart has done – the band has always been really good at the more rock-influenced side of the equation, something like Barracuda is one of the all time great driving songs, for example. But it’s the kind of thing that is clearly intensely personal for the singer, given that it’s dedicated to a late friend and is all about coping. While it can sometimes feel like middle-of-the-road treacle, it does have heart.

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One Response to Heart – These Dreams

  1. RBerman says:

    Not even Heart’s best 80s power ballad, but still a pretty song with some psychedelic lyrics. The Wilson sisters managed to rise from the ashes for a tuneful second run at success for a few years here. Big Hair is officially “in.”

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