Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love

First Hit #1: May 3, 1986

This song is probably best remembered for its iconic video, where Palmer performed in front of a band of emotionless women with severe makeup half-heartedly playing their instruments. It’s a striking visual, and while it doesn’t quite hit the actual instrumental sound of the song – which sounds at least somewhat passionate and has some distinct riffs that aren’t translated in that visual – it actually is totally appropriate for a song about addiction. They’re just going through the motions, participating because they have to above all rather than because they want to anymore. Isn’t that addiction? At a certain point, addicts don’t want to do whatever they’re addicted to anymore, whether it’s drugs, love, or being in Robert Palmer videos, but they continue because they feel they have to.

It’s kind of telling that I’ve talked more about the video than the song, but there’s nothing wrong with the song. It’s less about being addicted to love than it is to being addicted to Robert Palmer – who comes across as weirdly predatory with the “Another kiss and you’ll be mine” lyric, possibly because of the aggression that specific line gets delivered with – but it’s a pretty decent bit of chugging rock that fits with the time and has an interesting bluesy pull. It’s just that it’s overshadowed by the mannequin-esque models that surround it.

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One Response to Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love

  1. RBerman says:

    Don’t forget Palmer’s own starched-shirt satorial flair, a marked departure from all the trends of his day. He’s hearkening back to Otis Redding and the Isley Brothers and deserves his due as a great R&B singer, as seen on tracks like this one and its sped-up version “Simply Irresistible.”

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