Bananarama – Venus

First Hit #1: September 6, 1986

Venus is the sound of shaved legs. It’s Gillette’s fault, their extremely over-played commercial for lady razors has burned the song and its association with their products into my mind. I don’t even buy lady razors, on account of not being a lady, but if I hear Venus I get the association right away. Bananarama wasn’t trying to be the band of shaved legs, they were just covering a Shocking Blue song and making a bit more poppy and light. There’s a bit camp to Banananarama’s version, as can be evidenced by the video and the sexy demon. This is a silly band, some girls having a bit of fun with the music they’re making, and they’re embracing how silly they are. Sure, they accidentally made the ideal advertising jingle for lady razors, and they made Venus into something that is unexpectedly light and flavored with bubblegum, but they’re having fun with it, and in all honesty fun is what pop music is supposed to be.

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One Response to Bananarama – Venus

  1. RBerman says:

    Bananarama: The trio that usually sang in unison. Wilson Phillips was better, and the bridge is just a bit of lazy goofing with “ha ha, we can slow the vocals way down and they sound weird,” but still a good dance track.

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