Boston – Amanda

First Hit #1: November 8, 1986

Boston’s Amanda is relatively rare in that it’s a song from the MTV era that ascended to the top of the charts without a music video. Yet, it’s not rare at all, because it’s a Boston song and they do this kind of thing a lot. It’s a heartfelt love song, like More than a Feeling – which I unabashedly enjoy – but instead about Amanda. It’s actually sort of cute, as the singer professes his love for Amanda through song. I almost want there to be a real Amanda, and the entire thing was an attempt to seduce her via a song on the radio. It’s firmly stuck in its era, and I’m kind of tired of the big power ballads at this point, but Amanda gets through my defenses. It’s trying for big moments, but it has a certain charm and style that makes it somewhat endearing. I like it, in spite of all of my instincts telling me not to. It might not be the cool kid, but it’s got charm anyway.

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2 Responses to Boston – Amanda

  1. RBerman says:

    Boston is (still even) a great band, so it’s nice to see they got at least one #1 song. I would have preferred it were “More Than a Feeling,” whose acoustic-verse-electric-chorus vibe “Amanda” is clearly copying. “Feeling” is a love song about music itself, whereas “Amanda” speaks of the lover through music. Unusual at this point in pop history for a song to be such a big hit despite having been recorded years earlier, though Steve Winwood pulled a similar trick with “Valerie” around the same time.

  2. BlueFox94 says:

    Boston was fortunate to have one #1 single in America during their career. Unlike Journey, who almost like Boston have a ubiquitous song (“Don’t Stop Believing”) and another song that was a near-chart topper (“Open Arms” peaked at #2).

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