The Human League – Human

First Hit #1: November 22, 1986

The Human League’s second big hit is a bit of a disappointment. It just sounds a bit typical, like it could be by any band you can name. Don’t You Want Me had a degree of excitement and energy to it, but Human just kind of plods along, sounding like any band in the world and not really doing much to distinguish itself. The chorus is pretty good, and everyone here is a professional, but it reminds me of sausage. Assembly line manufacturing using leftover bits of pop songs that other people seem to enjoy. It’s popular, but it’s because it’s familiar and comfortable, not because it’s a song that’s really going to perk your ears up and excite you. In short, it’s fine, good enough. While I can understand the appeal, I’m not exactly struck by a desire to listen to it ever again.

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One Response to The Human League – Human

  1. RBerman says:

    It could have been performed by anybody; they didn’t write it, and I’m not sure how they ended up with it. It has a decent beat, but nowhere near the energy of “Don’t You Want Me Baby.” Also, the whole “You were unfaithful, and so was I” bit doesn’t usually turn out well.

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