The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian

First Hit #1: December 20, 1986

Is it just me or was there a lot of songs in 1986? It’s so weird considering the overly long chart stays that start happening in the ’90s, part of me wishes that we could see that again.

Anyway, 1986 ends with Walk Like an Egyptian, which is a song designed to ensure you don’t think of it too hard. It’s got a goofy little dance to go with it, it runs at a breakneck speed, and the only intelligible lyric that really sticks out is the name of the song. I’m sure that if you stop to think about it too hard it’ll go off the rails, but as is it’s going to fast your only choice is to dance, or at least walk, and that makes the song surprisingly effective. Like any dance trend song, it’s best to just go along with it and don’t even attempt to make sense of this, the lyrics don’t matter. The charts have borne this out since, with novelty dance songs being the non-English songs that get airplay.

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2 Responses to The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian

  1. RBerman says:

    Yay, The Bangles! Their name change from “The Bangs” (an alarming sound) to a piece of gaudy jewelry pretty much captures the music scene’s transition from punk rock (anarchist in a practical way) to New Wave (cerebral, theoretical) to “80s music” (celebratory, capitalistic).

    The Bangles were essentially a very tuneful, good looking 60s homage cover band, a white Motown retro act. They attracted some great writers, hence good material like this patter song about how funny dancing looks, out of context. This time out, they trade vocals from verse to verse, but squeaky-voiced Susannah Hoffs deservedly became the breakaway star. Thirty years later, this song still sounds like pure energy. More bands should learn the lesson of “That Thing You Do”: Pump up the tempo. Make a hit.

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