Madonna – Open Your Heart

First Hit #1: February 7, 1987

I mentioned that Madonna came into her own with True Blue, so it’s kind of difficult to say I don’t actually like Open Your Heart. It’s very much a safe single, an attempt to keep the audience she had courted for years with her dance-oriented aesthetic. The track is a simple love song with the most basic sexual metaphor ever penned providing a big section of the chorus, but it’s also taking great pains to avoid alienating Madonna’s audience. We’ve got synth, we’ve got sax, we’ve got a basic beat that is pretty common during the time. Madonna is singing better than ever here, but it’s hardly the best song on the album. It is, however, the most safe, almost exactly what a pop single from the decade would be expected to sound like.

Of course, Madonna courted controversy anyway by debuting some extremely pointy undergarments in the peep-show themed video.

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One Response to Madonna – Open Your Heart

  1. RBerman says:

    I agree. For listening/dancing purposes, it did its job well, and it’s certainly not surprising to hear that it hit #1. But it also doesn’t bring anything new to the table either for “Songs of Madonna” or “Songs of 1987.” The only musical distinction I can find in it is the extensive use of triplets in the pre-chorus melody.

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