Atlantic Starr – Always

First Hit #1: June 13, 1987

At this point, I’m pretty familiar with most of the songs that hit the top spot. Whether through the music of my family or discovering them myself, we’re hitting an era where I’m pretty familiar with most of the big chart toppers. Most of them, not Always, which I might have heard for the first time just now.

Might have, because this is the big problem with Always: It’s indistinct. It’s a sappy love duet with lots of empty love platitudes. It has an saccharine arrangement that isn’t really remarkable in any way. I actually thought it might have been part of a film soundtrack, because there’s not much here that I can imagine driving people to seek it out. It’s a tolerable love song, rendered competently, but nothing that you’re going to remember ten or twenty minutes from now. The best songs find ways to stay in people’s mind long after they’re not fresh anymore, Always didn’t really manage that trick.

The greatest achievement of Always is that it did nothing to offend, and sold many copies in the process.

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One Response to Atlantic Starr – Always

  1. RBerman says:

    This song offers absolutely nothing new in arrangement (electric piano anchoring lite soul strings) or lyrics (undying love). However it does have a very pretty melody, with an unusual chord progression at the end of the chorus, and the two voices weave very pleasingly from harmony to unison and back again, underlining the song’s marital topic. I’ve never been sorry to hear this song.

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