Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a Place on Earth

First Hit #1: December 5, 1987

Lyrically, Heaven Is a Place On Earth isn’t too far off from many love songs, throwing in some nerves in with the attraction and following a template. But the song itself is kind of nifty just because it doesn’t quite follow what you would expect. Carlisle herself is from the gravelly voiced school of female vocals like Kim Carnes and Bonnie Tyler – one of those trends that’s surprising but kind of nice all things considered – and her sound stands in contrast to the chorus, which sounds like a group of nice teen girls. It’s unexpected, but it gives a bit of a unique slant to the proceedings. The chorus also makes the song easy to sing along to, with a simple melody, standard lyrics and a group effect that makes it more comfortable to throw your voice into the crowd. It’s the kind of thing that just seems right to sing along with. It’s a song that’s just great in groups, and that’s one of the things that pop music is designed for.

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2 Responses to Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a Place on Earth

  1. RBerman says:

    Not many songs begin with the chorus, but another one that’s eerily similar to this one does: Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Listen to the two songs back to back. The phrasing and chord changes of the choruses, especially with the gang vocals, are eerily similar.

  2. RBerman says:

    Also “eerily similar” is my use of that phrase twice in my short post above. Gauche!

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