George Michael – Faith

First Hit #1: December 12, 1987

Did going solo change George Michael? Not really, he’s still the same artist, and still owes the same debt to the ’50s. He does use lots of ’80s effects – the way his voice is processed and layered, for example – but Faith is a song that could have easily been composed in 1958, and came up right behind Buddy Holly on a radio playlist. Michael himself doesn’t try to hide this, the video features both an old school jukebox and Michael himself done up like he wants to remake Rebel Without a Cause. If there’s one year to do this in, it’s 1987, which has been filled with throwbacks and references to past decades, and to his credit Michael recalls what was good about the old song. Very catchy, very easy to sing along to, lots of good harmonies and it’s just a fun time all around. Being a solo artist hasn’t changed the way he approaches his music, but that’s for the best, since he’s pretty good at this throwback style.

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One Response to George Michael – Faith

  1. RBerman says:

    Definitely a 50s homage, and quite a catchy one, with its acoustic rhythms and tinny hollowbody riffs. Interesting that just three years later he’d be repudiating this period of his life (which contains his only string of #1s) so dramatically, burning the jacket and exploding the guitar and jukebox. (

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