Whitney Houston – Where Do Broken Hearts Go

First Hit #1: April 23, 1988

Now, a song that Whitney Houston just can’t redeem. Where Do Broken Hearts Go is awful, with poor production and a largely forgettable melody. Even Houston doesn’t bring her standard force of will to the song, sleepwalking through lyrics she audibly doesn’t believe in. She hits some big notes, as that’s what she does, but this isn’t Houston redeeming an otherwise mediocre song through sheer force of will. Instead, it’s Houston just kind of going through the motions, and it sounds like a contractual obligation rather than a song she really wants to sing. It’s just plain bad, a simple and boring song that has no real reason to exist. If it was anyone but Houston behind the mic it wouldn’t have gone anywhere, but she was a name – and for good reason – so she made a hit out of something largely without merit.

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One Response to Whitney Houston – Where Do Broken Hearts Go

  1. RBerman says:

    Yeah, not a fan of this one. The lyrics are weird. Mostly it’s an “I miss you baby” torch song. But the bridge, and the last line of the verse, seem to say that they’ve actually gotten back together. Or does she just wish they have? Confusing narrative. Yet, people apparently loved it; must be the Whitney goodwill effect. She was really hot (commercially, and otherwise) that year.

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