The Escape Club – Wild Wild West

First Hit #1: November 12, 1988

Wild Wild West wasn’t a song that was meant to endure. That’s not really an insult, it’s just very much of 1988. There are references to current cultural events and figures that go right over my head – it’s 20-some years ago, give me a break – and the whole “heading to the ’90s” part of the chorus. There’s nothing wrong with a song being a cultural artifact, but the song would only really make sense for about a year before everything got dated and we aged beyond it. So what? It’s still a pretty good song, it’s catchy as hell, and I enjoyed touches like the spaghetti western gunshots. It’s a fun song, and it was likely extremely fun if you were living in its moment. Since we’re not doing that anymore, it’s kind of a kitschy artifact, but that’s fine too.

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One Response to The Escape Club – Wild Wild West

  1. RBerman says:

    Plus it has a groovy bass riff! This sort of guitar-based club music aspires to no longevity, so dated cultural references can only work in favor of its situatedness. No melody to speak of on the verse, just a chant to kill time before the big chorus.

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