Chicago – Look Away

First Hit #1: December 10, 1988

It’s always a bit weird when a band loses a frontman, even if the rest of the band members are eminently talented musicians who made major contributions to the band’s sound. So here we have Chicago’s first post-Peter Cetera hit, and it should be no surprise that the band hasn’t actually changed that much. The voice changed, and there aren’t any horns, but Look Away does sound like a Chicago song.

Look Away is also a breakup song, as the singer doesn’t want to admit his weakness as his partner goes off and finds someone new. It’s yet another entry in 1988’s Parade of Misery, which is still going strong in spite of Bobby McFerren’s best efforts. Look Away is a sad song, but it does have a bunch of bravado and guitars to try to de-emphasize just how sad it is. It fits with the nature of the song itself, he doesn’t want the subject to notice his pain, and what better way to distract from pain than to put all the power-ballad accouterments on the track?

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One Response to Chicago – Look Away

  1. RBerman says:

    Bill Champlin had always provided a strong presence in Chicago, even sharing lead vocals on huge tracks like “Hard Habit to Break”, but there’s no denying that the runaway success of Chicago 16 and 17 had left the band more as “Cetera, et cetera.” As with Phil Collins, Chicago was already retro by 1988.

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