Phil Collins – Two Hearts

First Hit #1: January 21, 1989

The second single from Phil Collins’ big vanity project also happens to be the best single from the film. A Groovy Kind of Love, in spite of the title, was a dirge, but Collins can still have fun, and Two Hearts is evidence that Buster had some happy scenes too. It’s a pretty generic love song, though the chorus could easily be the tagline for an Ed Wood film (Two Hearts… Living in just one mind!), but it’s a fun one, and a bit of a throwback to doo-wop singles as well. Collins knows this – the video is a deliberate homage to ’60s variety shows – and he’s just has fun through the whole thing. It’s just a nice thing to hear on the radio, though I’ll confess that it might not be the most standout track of his career. Not every song has to be a career highlight, and with Two Hearts Collins has just made a song that I always kind of like hearing on the radio. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

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One Response to Phil Collins – Two Hearts

  1. RBerman says:

    We already knew Phil Collins can cover Motown songs; now he shows off his ability to write them as well. A breezy, summery bit of feel-good.

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