Sheriff – When I’m With You

First hit #1: February 4, 1989

Listening to When I’m With You, I thought there was something wrong with the recording. I remembered the chorus being louder, hitting harder, and having more vocals. Then I realized, oh wait, my house isn’t filled with drunk people, that’s why. Sheriff has made the best song for drunk people, a ballad with a big, easy to remember chorus. Well, sure, for most people it’s just a bit of slurring between the words “Baby” and “You” but that doesn’t matter. It’s a song that engenders a certain community spirit, because it’s big, dumb, and a little bit fun. Which might seem to be an unkind thing to say about an eminently sincere love song, but who doesn’t go drinking with people they love in some way? It’s still totally perfect.

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One Response to Sheriff – When I’m With You

  1. RBerman says:

    Monnnnster ballllads! Some hair bands decided to skip the “have a great career with raucous fun songs” half of their career and go straight to the “acoustic ballad as career epitaph” portion. It’s a nice enough love song, suitable for Richard Marx or Eric Carmen.

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