Richard Marx – Satisfied

First Hit #1: June 24, 1989

How isn’t this on the soundtrack of an ’80s action film? It just sounds like something Stallone needs to be training to, you can just see someone pumping iron or running during the lyrics that actually say “I ain’t gonna stop.” This thing is made for a montage, and it honestly feels like it was written for the sole purpose of shopping it around to studios to make the backdrop of an action film. Yet, somehow, it does not appear to have found its true calling, and it just ends up being a kind of cheesy song that it’s probably fun to go running to. That’s fine, I suppose, people need a soundtrack for running after all, but I feel as though Satisfied loses something without a silly montage.

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1 Response to Richard Marx – Satisfied

  1. RBerman says:

    As previously noted, the 80s were known for their many “striving, pushing, rising above odds” songs like this one. It’s a decent track, with Marx entering the latter half of the most successful few years of his career, still on top for the moment. With a cool mullet.

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