Simply Red – If You Don’t Know Me By Now

First Hit #1: July 15, 1989

The dissolution of a long-standing relationship is probably the most difficult subject to write a pop song about, mostly because it’s a market dominated by the young. If You Don’t Know Me By Now isn’t quite about the end of a relationship, more about the potential end, but it’s still a song that is about a long-term relationship on the rocks. So how do you sell it to the kids, as they say? Well, make the people involved childish! It’s not an insult, it openly admits that it’s discussing immature behavior on both parties’ end, and it’s a song that embraces how foolish it’s own subjects are being. It’s not a particularly young sounding song – we are well into the adult contemporary field here – but it does at least make the characters sound like kids, which makes it weirdly universal.

Unfortunately, the song was since part of a video connected to the Office, and now nobody can take it seriously.

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One Response to Simply Red – If You Don’t Know Me By Now

  1. RBerman says:

    Simply Red’s second #1 is just as softly melancholy as their first, with romantic alienation replacing the angst of aging as the anxiety of the moment. Soul music feasts on these articulations of suffering as a form of sympathy and encouragement.

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