Gloria Estefan – Don’t Wanna Lose You

First Hit #1: September 16, 1989

It is my personal opinion that the best of Gloria Estefan is her upbeat material. Her ballads are fine, she’s good at singing after all, but they’re not particularly compelling and don’t stand out in a crowd. They are, in essence, fine, and Don’t Wanna Lose You is no exception. It is a song that is perfectly fine, and Estefan does about as good a job as can be expected, but there’s nothing here that makes me want to ever hear it again. It is neither inspiring or awful, instead being in that frustrating middle ground of indifference. If I was America, we’d have some of her dance material ascending the charts, and her ballads would be a footnote in the dustbin of history.

I’m not America, I’m not even American, so we get Estefan hitting the top of the charts with her least compelling material.

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One Response to Gloria Estefan – Don’t Wanna Lose You

  1. RBerman says:

    In music and topic, this is essentially the same song as “Can’t Stay Away From You.” Only less so. Perhaps the “Baby, we can make it” lyrics resonated with listeners? Her best ballad was “Anything For You.”

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