Janet Jackson – Miss You Much

First Hit #1: October 7, 1989

Janet Jackson has a distinct personality from her brother, especially in lyrical subject matter, but her music does have a certain Jackson sound. Perhaps that’s inevitable when your brother defined pop music for a decade, but Miss You Much could be a song from either artist, at least in terms of arrangement. Janet’s vocals are distinct, and significantly more subdued, weaving in and out of the arrangement as just another instrument rather than a clear statement. She simply isn’t a forceful singer, and the vocals are never quite in front of the mix, instead being embedded in the middle. And that’s not an insult, the song is unique because she’s not trying to control the music, and it gives a different flavor from usual. It might not be a forceful vocal, but it is well used, and it is an integral instrument in the whole.

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One Response to Janet Jackson – Miss You Much

  1. RBerman says:

    The “Rhythm Nation” album began Janet’s transition from “friendly girl next door” to “unapproachable R&B love goddess.” The low mix of her vocals within the song is a implicit admission that she’s simply not the one-in-a-billion vocal talent that her brother was. But her facial expressions throughout the video betray the clear Jackson lineage, and she’s still smiling in a way that Michael didn’t by this time.

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