Roxette – Listen to your Heart

First Hit #1: November 4, 1989

According to Per Gassle, Listen to Your Heart was an attempt to out-ballad the typical American FM ballad. He said they wanted to see how far they could take it. In the process, they went about as far as most ballads of this type go, and in fact seem almost restrained in comparison to some of the larger ones. No sax solos, guys? I’m not sure you took this self-issued assignment very seriously.

Still, the big ballad refracted through a Swedish lens actually is pretty successful in its aims. This might be because Roxette is almost unnaturally good at making a chorus – something they cheekily referenced on their own greatest hits album. Once it hits the big chorus, the song becomes sort of perfect, an attempt at a parody that accidentally captures everything good about what they’re trying to parody. It’s like the Hot Fuzz of music, and as a result I like it quite a bit, though not quite as much as I like Hot Fuzz.

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2 Responses to Roxette – Listen to your Heart

  1. RBerman says:

    I think they were trying to rewrite some piano rock ballad like Heart’s “Alone.” They did a good job (though her range can’t compete with Ann Wilson); you have to love something to properly lampoon it. A stripped down, demo-sounding version was a hit for D.H.T. a few years ago:

  2. tPenguinLTG says:

    They definitely hit the “power” in “power ballad”, all right.
    I’ve always found this as one of the more powerful ballads in my collection.

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