Bad English – When I See You Smile

First Hit #1: November 11, 1989

Some songwriters are distinctly themselves no matter who is singing their songs. Diane Warren is one of those, her songs are Diane Warren songs, no matter who is in the band or who is singing the words. Big, aggressively sentimental power ballads, it’s what she does, and she has built an incredibly lucrative career on them. Bad English might be singing When I See You Smile, but it’s difficult to get a sense of who the band actually is from the song. Then again, even a band like Aerosmith couldn’t quite sound like themselves when performing their own rendition of a Warren song – more on that in the future – so it’s not so unexpected that a band cobbled together from the bits of other bands couldn’t pull it off.

Which isn’t to say it’s a bad sentimental power ballad, Warren is kind of an expert at the form, and though she does err on the side of cheese to an extent, the songs sell so she must connect with someone. It’s just not distinct, a song like many others out there, most of them penned by Warren herself.

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One Response to Bad English – When I See You Smile

  1. RBerman says:

    Yes, a big ol’ shmaltzy Diane Warren song, suitable for anyone from Aerosmith to Celine Dion. It happens to be performed by Bad English, which makes me happy primarily because I like John Waite’s voice and would have enjoyed seeing him have a string of mid-80s hits beyond just his heartfelt torcher “Missing You.”

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