Michael Bolton – How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

First Hit #1: January 20, 1990

Welcome to the ’90s! It had a much brighter color scheme and a love of script fonts. Curves were reintroduced into industrial design. That’s in the future, right now we’re still in 1990, which wasn’t that different from 1989, as evidenced by the chart topping Michael Bolton. A lot of people don’t like Michael Bolton, but I’m not sure why he draws their ire, at least going by this song. He had an awful haircut, but that was par for the course in 1990. Otherwise his voice was fine, and his choice to sing a big and kind of melodramatic ballad wasn’t really too far off from other hits in previous year. I don’t love How Am I Supposed to Live Without you, and I think it uses the worst piano, but it’s hardly a terrible example of the big ballad form. It’s good enough, and Bolton’s voice is kind of interesting in its way. It’s a bit of boring soft rock, but it has its charms.

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One Response to Michael Bolton – How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

  1. RBerman says:

    The scary thing is that he sings this song in the same key as when Laura Branigan took it to #12 on the pop charts seven years earlier. His arrangement is very similar too. Schmaltzy balladeers like Bolton often draw hipster ire and fire.

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