Taylor Dayne – Love Will Lead You Back

First Hit #1: April 7, 1990

I’m not sure about Taylor Dayne. On one hand, Love Will Lead You Back isn’t the best song to judge her artistic abilities, for it’s a Diane Warren number performed pretty much as you would expect a Diane Warren song to sound. It’s a good example of her craft, all about the power of love and how it’ll set everything right again once her lover goes out in the world. It’s exactly what you expect, but if you only listen to one Diane Warren song, it would do fine.

The problem is that what I do hear of Dayne makes me think that she’s just come back from the dentist. She can hit the notes, sure, and she renders the song about as well as you would expect. It just sounds like her mouth is numb, which is an odd thing to say about someone gracing the top of the charts. It’s already not the best song if you want to learn about Dayne, and her performance is just slightly weird enough that it’s kind of off-putting.

EDIT: Turns out I thoroughly misspelled Taylor Dayne’s name the first time. Sorry!

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One Response to Taylor Dayne – Love Will Lead You Back

  1. RBerman says:

    Her stage name is actually spelled “Taylor Dayne.” Her face and form were custom-made for pop stardom, so it’s a good thing she can actually sing too. It’s also too bad, as you say, that her only #1 song doesn’t showcase any of her personal distinctives; it could have been a hit for anyone from Kenny Loggins to Celine Dion to Shakira. Which I guess is some kind of testimony to Diane Warren’s ability to give the public what they want.

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