Tommy Page – I’ll Be Your Everything

First Hit #1: April 14, 1990

I’ve said some mean things about Debbie Gibson in the past. Now I’ll say very similar mean things about Tommy Page. He’s really not that different, another singer that is marketed towards teen girls, singing a sentimental ballad that he wrote, bless his heart. Well, he had some help from some New Kids, but hey, he’s given some credit at least.

As a song it’s… fine. Your typical ballad designed to make teen girls swoon. I kind of appreciate that the lyrics are pretty nakedly trying to convince this girl to have sex with Tommy Page, since it goes right into the bedroom, but it’s not objectionable. It’s okay.

The problem is that as a singer, Tommy Page is a great handsome person who knows some New Kids on the Block. He also knows how to play a piano, according to the video, though it doesn’t make any impact on the song itself which is decidedly lacking in the mix. He can’t really sing that well, instead sounding like a high school student rudely thrust to the front of his graduating class. It’s a problem that is noticeable at first, than becomes flagrant as his buddies show up to do backing vocals. I might not like a lot of the New Kids songs, but they can sing quite well and immediately overshadow Page as soon as their vocal comes in. It’s almost unfair. As a Tommy Page song, I keep thinking it would have been much better if he gave it to his friends and collaborators.

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One Response to Tommy Page – I’ll Be Your Everything

  1. RBerman says:

    This “unfortunate song” was a number one hit? On our planet, not on Bizarro World? His singing must have improved, since he later replaced Donny Osmond in the lead of a hit Broadway musical. Now he is the publisher of Billboard Magazine. For real.

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