New Kids On the Block – Step by Step

First Hit #1: June 30, 1990

I am developing a certain appreciation for New Kids on the Block. Keep in mind that as someone who is not now, and has never been a 13 year old girl, the songs are not really meant for me. In all honesty, I don’t think I would seek out any of their music, but I can certainly appreciate that they are talented performers and know what they’re doing. The New Jack Kids sound is catchy, and even if they sometimes go a bit higher in the register than they should they have quality voices and a fairly well defined sound. Step by Step is the furthest thing from edgy that there is, but it does have some superficial similarities to more “grown up” music, and it fits right along side it on the radio. Sure, the lyrics are your standard teen idol, let’s date girls material, but it’s fun and doesn’t take itself very seriously. I’ll never pretend I actually enjoy the group, but they know what they’re doing and they earned their eager young fans.

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One Response to New Kids On the Block – Step by Step

  1. RBerman says:

    Don’t feel bad; any song that made it to number one obviously had broad demographic appeal, at least for one week. Even a the end of the 90s, LFO’s one-hit wonder would be reminiscing, “New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits.”

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